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August 2008 Articles

Innovations in Processing and Packaging Tetra Pak acquires process engineering group from Downer EDI

Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging  solutions, has announced that it has acquired the assets of two  specialised food processing companies, Downer, MBL Pty Ltd and  Downer MBL, from Australian-based Downer EDI. This article expands.



Three C-lines neatly arranged

A new pasta factory with one long-goods and two short-goods lines and one additional durum and soft wheat mill each in the midst of an  earthquake zone   a true challenge for Swiss Buhler Technology  Group. This article reveals how the project was handled at the site,  180km east of Istanbul in Turkey for owners GIDASA.



High Pressure processing: the next step in food technology

Do you want to extend shelf life, use fewer additives, maintain fresh  taste and nutritional qualities throughout product life and guarantee  compliance with microbiological standards? Then high pressure  processing could be your answer, says Interfood Technology Ltd, of  Thame, Oxfordshire, UK. This cold pasteurisation technology is  gathering momentum throughout the world in the processing of a  variety of product categories, including cooked meats, ready meals,  seafood dips, juices and smoothies. Interfood Technology Ltd has  recruited Rob Habgood to support the growth of this technology within  the UK. This article explores further.



Food and drink manufacturers warned to  act now over refrigerant or  risk meltdown 

Food and drink manufacturers with refrigeration systems running on  the common HCFC R22 refrigerant have been urged to act now to secure  the future of their businesses. R22 is used widely in refrigeration  systems for process cooling, blast and spiral freezing, storage and  transport. However ozone-depleting HCFC refrigerants are being phased  out under EU legislation. The use of R22 and R22 containing blends in  new plant has already been banned. The next stage is to ban the use  of  virgin  or new HCFCs for topping up existing systems from the  end of 2009. From 2010 only recycled R22 may be used to top up plant.  By the end of 2014 top-up with any R22 will be outlawed. Harp  International has launched an expert advice service for food and  drink manufacturers exposed on R22. This article gives details.



Gentle emptying of bulk silo trucks

The preservation of powder characteristics such as bulk density and  particle size is important in many processes and requires the use of  low speed dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. Gentle conveying  is a typical requirement in the food industry and the detergent  manufacturing industry, Gericke has developed a mobile conveying unit  which can be coupled between tanker and silo, and allows the truck to  be discharged with minimal attrition of the powder or granules,  preserving the quality of the raw material.



Maximise productivity, minimise costs

For today s food manufacturers, staying ahead of the competition  requires more than just developing new and exciting products.  Maintaining high levels of quality and ensuring customer satisfaction  while increasing productivity, controlling costs and reducing down  time are all key considerations if they are to retain their  competitive edge. But how can these aims be achieved? In this article  Mike Bradley, of Mettler-Toledo Safeline, the leading metal detection  technology specialist, offers answers.



Innovative system speeds up design-to-print cycle

Brand owners looking for world domination must sit back and  strategically plan best practices so that they do not just do the job  but that they do it well, writes Martin Hawkins, Executive Director  of Sun Brand Technologies. He gives information of ODIN, launched in  response to a gap in the market for a solution that streamlines the  brand development process. The advanced technology software solution  creates an environment to aid free-flowing communication, minimise  errors and eliminate duplication of work, resulting in an effective  design-to-print process.


Tetra Pak accelerates packaging innovation with Intel and IBM technology

Tetra Pak, the world s leading food processing and packaging  solutions company, has introduced sophisticated computer simulation  using Intel and IBM technology to develop next generation filling  machines for food packaging. This article reveals details. www:tetrapak.com



Environmental issues and commercial pressures drive demand for less  packaging materials.

The current need for maximum flexibility in packaging operations and  equipment while reducing waste will become even stronger as the  demand to cut the amount of packaging accelerates, says Sealed Air, a  leading  global supplier of protective and speciality packaging  materials and systems. The company is at the forefront of providing  more flexibility in packaging while fulfilling environmental  objectives. This article explores.



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