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November 2007 Articles

Weight a minute   X-ray can checkweigh!

Understanding the latest developments in inspection equipment is crucial to gain maximum value from an inspection system. The latest advances in X-ray technology mean that these systems can now also checkweigh, Alan Johnson, Group Product Marketing Manager, Loma Systems, explains. With quality control technology constantly evolving and developing and food safety regulations becoming increasingly stringent, it can be difficult for food processors and manufacturers to keep up with the latest developments and to stay in line with the latest regulations. One of the most recent technological advances in inspection technology is the capacity of an X-ray machine to perform the function of a checkweigher. This article from Loma Systems, of Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, looks at its X- weigh system, which allows for multi-lane checkweighing, so that a number of lines can be converged through the system with each pack inspected according to its own target weight parameters.



Food producers improve performance with CFS

CFS is a word-leading partner for the supplier of product systems, solutions and support for the preparation, marination, processing, slicing and packaging of primarily meat, poultry, fish, seafood and cheese based products. CFS B.V, of Bakel, The Netherlands, innovates and develops individual solutions helping food producers to achieve their goals in a very competitive marketplace. This article expands further on the company s services looking at complete solutions, innovation and food safety, CFS marination equipment and CFS  preparation equipment, among other things.



Flexicon   conveying the material and not just good ideas

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd (Flexicon) was formed in August 1990 when it first engaged with its American partner Flexicon Corp. to spearhead business development within Europe and neighbouring countries. The principal business activity is that of design and manufacture of specific equipment, systems and turnkey projects dedicated to the movement of bulk solids such as pellets, powders, granules and fluids with industrywide applications. This article profiles Flexicon, which is based at Herne Bay, Kent, in the south east of England.



Arla chooses Jorgensen robotics technology

Europe's second largest dairy company   Arla Foods   has chosen Jorgensen Engineering a/s, of Odense S, Denmark, as the turnkey supplier of a new powder line including the newest robotics technology. Milk powder and value-added powder products like infant formula in consumer packages is one of Arla Foods  strategic core business areas. The new product line will pack Arla s own products and also manufacture for other important infant formula producers on the market.



Innovative leadership in small-scale processing

Within the food industry there is continuous pressure to launch new products. All these new formulas must be tested before the real introduction. Small-scale process equipment will save you a lot of time and money by enabling you to do more product tests per day by using less product per run and being more flexible in the process configuration. The OMVE modular small-scale HTST/UHT production plant gives research and development, quality assurance and ups scale departments access to a unique formula of various heat treatment modules in one plant. This article, from OMVE Netherlands B.V., of Schalkwijk, The Netherlands, gives more details taking in indirect heating systems, direct steam injection, continuous flow micro-wave heating and expansion of plant and additional processing equipment.



John R Boone and GC Hahn   a great combination

John R Boone Ltd, of Congleton, Cheshire, UK, worked closely with GC Hahn UK, a major manufacturer of food ingredients and stabiliser systems, to design and install a mixing system to meet exacting standards of hygiene and to handle very demanding formulations. The end result has been a great success, mixing Hahn s most difficult materials to high standards while immediately reducing mixing time by more than25%. This article expands.


Innovative automation is the key to growth

TTO LabTech, based near Cambridge, UK, has announced further expansion of its Custom Automation business. This follows six years of continuous growth (annual turnover has grown over 24% a year compound) and a doubling of staff numbers to enable faster delivery of innovative engineering to a broad spectrum of high profile clients. TTP LabTech is a a leading consultancy and products business. Its consultancy arm supplies laboratory-scale instrumentation and develops custom automation for the healthcare, food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. This article give more information about the company and its operations.



Flexicon and Muntons A perfect match made not in heaven but among the fields of barley

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd are specialists in the field of bulk solids handling, manufacturing systems to move powder, pellets, flake, grain and so on, usually for integration into a process line. Muntons plc, on the other hand, are the largest malt and malted ingredient producers in the world. Their combined skills were to prove a perfect partnership. All is revealed in this article.



Reducing food safety risks and improving efficiency

With more than 100 years of experience ROCOL Lubricants has a long history of developing solutions to help the food processing and packaging industry maximise food safety and improve production efficiency. Underpinning the product development programme at ROCOL is a consultative approach with food and drink manufacturers. Working closely in conjunction with customers, ROCOL can identify situations where an advanced lubricant will help them deliver better efficiency and reduce machinery down time. This article explores further.



Understanding the importance of water activity in food by Anthony J Fontana Jr. Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, Decagon Devices

Water activity is an important property that can be used to predict food stability and safety with respect to microbial growth, rates of deteriorate reactions and physical properties. Throughout history the importance of controlling water in food to preserve and control food quality by drying freezing, or adding sugar or salt has been recognised. Water activity is a measure of the energy status of the water in a system (or the degree to which water is  bound ) and hence its availability to act as a solvent and participate in chemical and biochemical reactions and growth of micro-organisms. This article reviews the whole area of water activity in food, pointing out that moisture content measurements just can t give you the safety and quality information you need. Knowing water content reveals nothing about the food quality picture. Good operating decisions can only be made using good information. Usually water activity is one of the best pieces of information you can have in setting and maintaining food quality standards.


Minerva   the revolutionary new food labelling system

IT solutions company MHC Software, based in the UK, has launched a revolutionary new system for manufacturers and suppliers of food additives and supplements. The Minerva system is able to quantify the specific amounts of minerals and vitamins needed in finished food products. Minerva also produces and emails all the documentation required to comply with EU Directives and Regulations relating to food labelling. Further information is revealed in this article.



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