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November 2008 Articles

Famous fish market gets a Star makeover

Star Refrigeration has completed a turnkey building refurbishment and cooling system installation project at the famous Fraserburgh Fish Market in Scotland. In a contract value at more than  1m, Star designed and installed a flexible and energy-efficient cooling systems for two market buildings in Fraserburgh, the largest shellfish port in Europe. This article reveals more.



25% fuel savings with efficient heat recovery in processing plants

The continuous rise in fuel costs is proving damaging for industry worldwide. Although little can be done to affect the cost of fuel much can be done to reduce consumption. By applying good heat recovery practices, chemical, food and dairy processing have the ability to save up to 25% on heating bills. The Niro heat recovery system cuts heating costs by reusing more of the heat generated within a plant that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere. Energy can be saved at various points throughout the production process. This article explains.



Britvic steps up bottled water production with new labelling

In response to increasing sales and demand, leading soft drinks producer has upgraded one of it Huddersfield, UK, bottled water production lines and turned to specialists Kosme UK to provide a new high-speed labeller. Because of the urgent need, Kosme, of Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, built, delivered and installed the labelling machine in just 10 working weeks. Kosme has a long history of producing high-speed, reliable and cost-effective labellers and has supplied a number of machines to Britvic before. This article from Kosme UK, gives further details.



Tasting success with electrostatic technology

One of the most exciting and innovative developments in the food processing market recently has been the increasing use of electrostatics as a way of applying flavourings and coatings. Thanks to the pioneering work of Spice Application Systems (SAS) of Oxfordshire, UK, this evolving technology has finally come of age and is proving a major success story with food manufacturers around the world. Suitable for a wide range of foodstuffs, including snacks, fresh meat and fish, fresh and frozen vegetables, confectionery and dry pet food, SAS also supplies electrostatic equipment to the pharmaceutical industry, where it is successfully used in applying coatings to tablets. SAS, of Oxford, reveals more in this article.



Product inspection is in the can with Mettler Toledo Safeline

Mettler Toledo Safeline s CanCheK X-ray inspection system is set to revolutionise contaminant detection in the processed food industry. With innovative multi-beam technology and new adaptive filtering software, the CanChek system offers superior detection sensitivity and is able to identify a wide range of foreign bodies. For manufacturers in sectors such as baby food, tinned fruit and vegetables, processed meat and fish, ready meals, soups, snacks and tinned desserts, the CanCheK system assures complete brand protection.



Making sure new plant investment pays off

Customer satisfaction and profitability depend on processing plants that can deliver consistently high quality and yield. The APV Innovation Centre offers a unique array of services to help manufacturers make sure that the new investments perform according to expectations. This article from APV expands.



Robotics in the food industry

The requirements of the food industry are constantly growing. As well as the usual competition parameters such as cost reduction and rationalisation gains, there is greater focus on safety, environment and hygiene in production. To meet requirements on efficiency and quality safely, Danish company Jorgensen Engineering a/s, of Odense, has developed a new robotic concept for a wide range of applications. In other words it is now possible to pick and place items like scoops, cans, cups, cartons and stand-up pouches   at a very large speed and with great accuracy. This article profiles the Jorgensen robotic system.



New sack tipping station from Gericke Safe product handling   no dust emission   ergonomic operation

This article looks at the new sack tipping station from Gericke. This equipment is available in mild or stainless steel execution. The ergonomic design allows a safe and complete emptying of all types of bags. Its design emphasises hygiene aspects like continuous welding, open profile and no unnecessary surfaces to avoid dust gathering.



Protect your product with intelligent routing control.

Product consistency and quality are of paramount importance in the manufacture of distilled spirits and producers invest a lot of money and effort in producing high quality products to help meet the demands of a competitive market and build brand loyalty. With the stakes so high, there is zero tolerance for accidental mixing or contamination of materials. Rockwell Automation Ltd, of Milton Keynes, UK, has extensive experience in working with the brewing and distilling industry. This article reveals more about how it helps producers minimise errors and protect product quality through pre-packages scalable solutions fitting a range of needs   from partially to fully automated piping networks.



Eurotek  super spiral  keeps down-under pie fans well fed

A major investment in British-built freezing technology is paying off for a leading Australian pie manufacturer   which is now looking forward to further increasing its market share. Installation of a massive twin-drum Eurotek spiral freezer was part of a multi-million $AS expansion at Perth-based Mrs Mac s   whose pies and pastries have been enjoyed by three generations of hungry Australians. One of the largest spiral freezers in Australia, the Eurotek installation is designed to handle more than three tonnes   or up to 56,000 party pies   each hour. The piping hot, just-baked pies are taken from 80C to -18C in just two hours. This article explores further.



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