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Innovations features summary November 2009

Investment boost for Tetra Pak CPS

A leading UK provider of quality capital equipment and turnkey systems is defying the recession by investing more than a million pounds in improvements at its factory in Sherborne, Dorset, UK. Tetra Pak CPS upgraded its facilities to increase its capabilities and cost-effectiveness following the decision by the parent company, Tetra Pak, to allocate the supplier manufacturing orders from other sectors within the global organisation. This article reveals details.

Starfrost’s Russian freezing revolution

Freezing and chilling technology specialist Starfrost has completed another large multi-equipment installation project in Russia’s burgeoning seafood processing sector. UK-based Starfrost is a market leader in innovative chilling systems for the global food industry. Over the past 25 years, Starfrost has established a strong sales record across Russia and Eastern Europe. In this latest installation project in Russia, Starfrost has supplied a completed production line for Atlantis, a seafood processor based in the Baltic region of Kaliningrad. More information is outlined in this article.

Ashworth belts boost biscuit production at United Biscuits.

Production at United Biscuits (UB) has received a major boost thanks to a robust new system from conveyor belt manufacturer Ashworth. UB is a leading manufacturer of biscuits and snacks. Ashworth has supplied its innovative new S-belt system to UB’s factories in Glasgow and Carlisle, UK.

Pump up production levels with Loma’s new IQ3+ Pipeline

Loma Systems, leading supplier of metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its latest pipeline metal detection system, the IQ3+ Pipeline. It represents and demonstrates the most advanced metal detection technology and the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and longevity.

Emerson sensors enable Schneider Weisse to optimise clean-in place (CIP) process at its Bavarian brewery

Rosemount® Analytical conductivity sensors provide highly accurate measurements to minimise waste following CIP of fermentation and storage tanks.

Emerson Process Management’s highly accurate four-electrode conductivity sensors are helping German brewer Schneider Weisse to optimise the clean-in-place (CIP) process at its Bavarian brewery. Replacing ageing existing sensors with extremely accurate Rosemount® Analytical 410VP sensors has enabled the brewer to optimise the CIP process. This article from Emerson Process Management, of Baar, Switzerland, expands.

Tetra Pak launches intelligent beverage pasteuriser that combines economy with ecology.

Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has launched the new generation of Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink, a cost-efficient and flexible unit for processing a wide range of beverages. Thanks to the introduction of an advanced automation system, the new generation units secure unsurpassed operational efficiency and life-cycle performance, says this article from AB Tetra Pak, of Lund, Sweden.

PROFI® will supercede kieselguhr filtration across a broad front

In 2005, the Danish Carlsberg Group was the first brewer with worldwide operations to decide to install the kieselguhr-free PROFI® filtration. The separator/membrane filtration line was installed by GEA Westfalia in the Danish brewery Fredericia and was initially operated as a test installation in parallel with the existing kieselguhr filtration. It quickly became clear that Carlsberg would no longer return to kieselguhr filtration. This article from GEA Westfalia Separator Gmbh tells the PROFI® success story.

Light’s out at ColorMatrix

ColorMatrix, the leading innovator in plastic liquid colourants and additives, has unveiled a novel light-blocking technology for PET dairy packaging at Drinktec 2009. Lactra™ is an opaque white liquid technology which ensures high performance light-blocking at low addition rates while maintaining enhanced container aesthetics. This article from ColorMatrix, explains.

From farm to fork – the growing importance of food hygiene.

For food industry manufacturers, due diligence in matters of hygiene is not only a legal necessity but also a business necessity. Modern consumers demand that food processors take every step to protect them from the risks of infection, sickness and contagion. In the past few years, a ‘farm to fork’; approach has seen international food safety legislation expand to cover food packaging and machinery intended for use with foodstuffs. To protect brand reputation and ensure consumer trust, food producers and packaging OEMs must work in tandem on hygienic machine maintenance and design, says this article by Roland Czuday, of Bosch. He argues that with easily adaptable systems such as the Sigpack Systems Delta Robot Platform LDx, from Bosch, producers can take advantage of innovation that meets their specific requirements both now and in the future.

Carton packaging – integral to the brand

Packaging must appeal to the senses – be visually attractive, feel bulky and protective and ensure that food only smells and tastes of the product itself, not the wrapping. At the same time, costs must be kept as low as possible and packaging’s impact on the environment reduced. As a result, M-real Consumer Packaging continuously researches and tests the performance of its cartonboards and in this article from the company’s Technical Marketing Manager, Matthew Terry, shares some of its latest conclusions.

New guide to prolonging equipment life and reducing operating costs

Shell U.K. Oil Products Ltd has released details of the ‘6 Rs of lubrication to highlight the ways that planning and monitoring the use of oils and greases can help companies reduce operating costs and prolong equipment life. This article from Shell International Limited of Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA, UK, reveals what the 6 Rs are.

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